10 Tourist Spots in Coimbatore You Should Visit This Coimbatore Day

1. Dhyanalinga by Isha

Dhyanalinga by Isha is a spiritual haven that beckons both locals and visitors alike. The serene environment, coupled with the majestic Adiyogi Statue, provides a divine experience that soothes the soul. The path leading to Isha, adorned with tall trees and lush green fields, offers a therapeutic communion with nature—a perfect antidote to the chaos of daily life.

2. Perur Pateeswarar Temple

Steeped in history, the Perur Pateeswarar Temple, built by the legendary Chola king Karikala Chola in the 2nd century, stands as a testament to enduring faith. Beyond the spiritual connection, the temple premises offer a delectable array of traditional snacks, including Kammangul and masala buttermilk.

3. Velliangiri Hills

For those seeking adventure amidst nature, Velliangiri Hills beckons with its seven distinct peaks. The temple at the foothills serves as a serene starting point for family trips.

4. GeeDee Car Museum

Car enthusiasts, rejoice! The GeeDee Car Museum showcases the first motorbike developed by Coimbatore’s own G.D Naidu. Vintage car lovers and mechanical enthusiasts alike will revel in the museum’s impressive collection.

5. Experimenta

With 75 working science models, this place is a testament to the wonders of scientific exploration. Knowledgeable guides accompany visitors, explaining the experiments and leaving them in awe of the marvels of science.