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“Victory in the Present” Bumrah’s Brilliant words after the IND vs PAK Match

The Talk of the Town India vs. Pakistan cricket matches always grab the spotlight, and the latest encounter on June 9, 2024, was no...

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World’s Youngest Chess Championship Challenger: D Gukesh

India has some very talented young chess players and it is proven by 17-year-old Indian Grandmaster D Gukesh. He achieved the remarkable...

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The inspiring Vtone Fitness Studio Story You Can’t-Miss

  Imagine starting a gym empire with just a five-hundred rupee note in your pocket. Crazy, right? But that’s the true story of the...

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From Rivalry to Revenue: The Business of India vs Pakistan Cricket

The clash of titans and the pulse-pounding excitement – the India vs. Pakistan cricket rivalry. It is a phenomenon that has held the...

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The Future of Inclusive Women’s Sports for Transwomen Athletes

Highlights The inclusion of transgender women in sports. Future of women’s sports. Individual’s gender identity is their true identity....

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