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World’s Youngest Chess Championship Challenger: D Gukesh

India has some very talented young chess players and it is proven by 17-year-old Indian Grandmaster D Gukesh. He achieved the remarkable accomplishment of winning the prestigious Fide Candidates Chess Tournament 2024. He is also the first teenager in history to win the tournament. He scored 9/14 to finish in the first place, displaying both strategic brilliance and tactical sharpness. His calmness and undivided focus throughout the tournament were truly inspiring to the viewers.

This victory not only makes him the youngest winner of the tournament but also sets him up to go against reigning World Champion Ding Liren later this year.

India’s Youngest Grandmaster

Gukesh became India’s youngest grandmaster at the age of just 12 years and seven months, shattering records. He then went on to surpass Viswanathan Anand as India’s highest-ranked player, breaking Anand’s 26-year reign at the top. Gukesh is also only the second Indian player after legend Viswanathan Anand to win the Candidates Chess Tournament.

Viswanathan Anand told The Indian Express, “I’m guessing that Gukesh is in a minority with that approach. It is a very healthy approach. What was key is that he didn’t use engines himself but benefitted from his trainer. That’s how it should be. A player should focus on the playing skills and the trainer can give them the best information (after using engines).”

His Greatest Guard is his Calmness

The field featured two of the world’s top three players and a two-time World Championship challenger. Over the past three weeks, however, the teenager has defied expectations. He’s played some excellent chess, staying unruffled under pressure and displaying maturity and calm far beyond his years.

The Unique Way He Developed His Skills

Gukesh’s story is fascinating because of his unique training approach. While many modern chess prodigies engage themselves in the world of powerful chess engines, Gukesh has taken a different path. Gukesh’s development has been fueled by classic methods. He honed his skills through countless hours studying games by chess legends and playing against experienced opponents. This focus on fundamentals has given him a deep understanding of the game and a remarkable ability to think creatively over the board.

The story of chess history dates back to its origins in 6th century India, a tradition that continues to flourish thanks to exceptional talents like Gukesh. Gukesh’s win is a sign of India’s continuing love for chess. It’s a big moment for him and a revival for chess in India. Now, the world eagerly awaits his showdown against the reigning World Champion as he gears up for his potential win, rewriting history.
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