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Jingle all the way to Coimbatore’s 5 must-stay spots for this Christmas.

So, it’s December, and the holiday spirit is in full swing as everyone eagerly plans their winter getaways. Having explored various...

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India is All Set to Celebrate the Navy Day 2023 

The Indian Navy Day theme 2023 interests the whole nation, “The one who controls the sea is all-powerful”. This day holds a...

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12 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier  

Imagine a kitchen where making a meal is as easy as pie, filled with laughter, and the scent of fresh bread. Moms and kitchen heroes work...

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10 Tourist Spots in Coimbatore You Should Visit This Coimbatore Day 

Coimbatore, a city known for its vibrant textile and manufacturing industry, is also a place where creativity smoothly combines with...

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Black Friday deals you don’t want to miss this winter 

Winter is knocking on our doors, and you know what that means – festivals equal shopping. And guess what? Even the shopping sites are...

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10 Things About Carbon Footprint You May Not Have Known

You might have heard the term “carbon footprint” thrown around a lot, especially when it comes to climate change. But do you...

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The Real Causes of Wildfire around the World 

A Walk in the Hills On a sunny day, my friends and I decided to take a leisurely walk down the hills. As we stepped through the calm...

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Why is Dance a Unique Art form

The mesmerizing aspects of dance make it a truly unique and inclusive form of art. From the graceful movements that express stories to the...

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Those 10 Topics Not Taught at School 

School life must have taught us many lessons that include life lessons too. But, all those add to the personal experiences we faced there....

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How to Maintain a healthy work-life balance 

Are you struggling to balance your work and personal life? Do you find yourself missing out on important family gatherings and social...

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