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Health and WellnessLifestyleWork-life Views: 16

Mental Health Awareness Month: A Guide to Mental Health Journey

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, but why should we dedicate a whole month to something that impacts us every single day, why is mental...

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5 Soulful Surprises to Strengthen Your Bond with Your Brother

Brotherly Bonding is pretty awesome. They’re our partners in crime, our secret keepers, and the ones who (usually) have our backs no...

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5 Heartfelt Mother’s Day Gifts: Surprising Mom Without Spending a Penny 

These gifts don’t even need a penny—yes, you read that right. When it comes to honoring our moms on Mother’s Day, it’s...

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EntertainmentLifestyle Views: 29

May Day Movies: A Window into Work Culture

May Day is a day with lots of history from different places, but mainly it’s about celebrating the workers who keep everything going....

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EducationInspiring StoryLeadershipLifestyleWork-life Views: 23

How Women Will Shape the Workforce by 2030

Millions of women around the world are throwing out their tired routines and working in their old desks for something altogether more...

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11 Time management Techniques that no one talks about

Time management is a skill that everyone aims to master, yet some of the most effective techniques often go unnoticed. Juggling multiple...

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EducationHealth and WellnessLifestyleWork-life Views: 67

The Power of Naps: Recharge Your Day with a Mini Sleep Break

Introduction Ever found yourself in the middle of the day, drowning in work, and suddenly the irresistible urge to yawn kicks in? Your eyes...

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EducationLifestyle Views: 58

The Story behind Pongal in Tamilnadu

Pongal (which means “overflowing”) is a celebration of rice that boils over in a pot in the sun as a way to express gratitude to God....

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Fashion & LifestyleLifestyle Views: 46

The Perfect Body Care Routine for Your Amazing New Self

Taking care of our bodies, not just hitting the gym or eating healthy. Our skin, the largest organ of our body, deserves as much love and...

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India is All Set to Celebrate the Navy Day 2023 

The Indian Navy Day theme 2023 interests the whole nation, “The one who controls the sea is all-powerful”. This day holds a...

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