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NEET 2024 Results: Perfect Scores and Cheating Controversies

The result of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) Undergraduate 2024 which has been recently announced, has caused a lot of surprise and controversy. A record number of students obtained perfect scores, and some odd score distributions raised concerns about the test’s fairness.

Was the Perfect Score a Result of Malpractice?

The number of students who scored a perfect 720 on the test jumped from just 2 in 2023 to a record-breaking 67 this year. Moreover, there were reports that many students from the same exam center have gotten the same marks and percentiles. These exceptional scores have raised questions about the fairness of the testing process.

However, the explanations from the NTA (National Testing Agency) aren’t able to put all the concerns to rest. For example, for a tough question’s answer, the maximum spike in the proportion of students who have gotten perfect scores in two years has been 13%. Some students and parents question why grace marks are not distributed more equitably, especially when it means wrong answers for simpler questions from those who did get a full score in several others.

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Students' and Parents' Demand for Transparency

The confusion has led to stress among students and parents. Others were concerned that alleged question paper leaks or cheating could have provided an unfair advantage to a few of the candidates. Some even wonder whether it is fair to praise the grace marks that were awarded for the reported time loss while writing the exam, and how some people get full marks despite the fact that they answered basic questions wrong. There are increasing demands that the supposed irregularities must be reviewed and inquired intensively.

The NEET results controversy highlights the importance of maintaining the trust and fairness of high-stakes exams. The National Testing Agency needs to address the concerns raised by students and parents transparently. Only a thorough investigation and clear explanations can restore confidence in the integrity of this crucial entrance exam.

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