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How the 2024 Indian Election Could Shape the Future

NDA victory celebration in 2024 Indian election.

Election results highlight that NDA (National Democratic Alliance), including BJP, Telgu Desam Party, Janata Dal United, Shiv Sena, Pattali Makkal Katchi, Lok Jan Shakti Party (Ram Vilas), Nationalist Congress Party, and Bharath Dharma Jana Sena, has won the 2024 election. They are set to begin their government third time in a row. With 240 seats won by BJP, Narendra Modi will serve as Prime Minister for a third term. Narendra Modi is the second Indian Prime Minister to be re-elected after a full term, following Jawaharlal Nehru.

Election Results 2024

The Lok Sabha election results show a clear victory for the NDA. This win will significantly shape India’s future. The BJP’s manifesto is filled with promises aimed at improving the lives of all citizens. They pledge to support people in poverty, improve quality of life, and boost incomes.

One key promise is the PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana, offering zero electricity bills for poor households. They also plan to continue free rations for the next five years and expand welfare programs like Atma Nirbhar, PM Awas Yojana, and Har Ghar Nal Se Jal.

Top Picks from the Winning Party

The BJP’s focus on infrastructure and development is evident. They plan to open 315 new medical colleges and more IITs, IIMs, and AIIMS. They aim to establish more EV charging stations, make 5G affordable, and introduce innovative 6G technology.
BJP also aims to revive natural places like lakes and ponds. They want more working women hostels and creches to boost women’s workforce participation.

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Election Updates till Now

The BJP’s focus on technology and education is clear. They want global tech and engineering centres for the youth. Their plans include digital transactions for all, regardless of age or background.

The 2024 Indian election is pivotal. The Lok Sabha election results will shape the future. With 18.5 million new voters, mostly under 30, the youth will have a big say.


The BJP’s promises cover many aspects of life, from poverty alleviation to technological advancement. While the BJP has numerous promises in their manifesto, the manifestos of other alliance parties also matter and will be included. As we await more election updates, one thing is clear: India’s future is in the voters’ hands.

Election results expectation

Being elected as the third Prime Minister brings immense expectations from Indian citizens regarding how the NDA will govern over the next five years. Despite the victory, losing key regions like UP raises concerns for the BJP, indicating a need for improvements in their manifesto to sustain success. Attention to these areas is crucial to maintain momentum and fulfill the hopes of the electorate.

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