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The Story Behind Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue Operation

A normal day of work turns into a scary situation for 41 workers in Uttarakhand. They were building the Silkyara, Uttarakhand tunnel when, on November 12, 2023, everything changed. Trapped in the Uttarakhand tunnel after a sudden collapse at 5:30 PM, these workers faced a tough challenge. And they hoped for a rescue operation team to find them. Likewise, with the help of many heroes, they found a way out.

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The Scary Time

After the tunnel collapsed, the government quickly got to rescue work also the news spread from Uttarakhand to the whole nation. India’s one of the tough Uttarakhand Rescue Operations named Uttarkashi began. With the National Disaster Response Force, State Disaster Response Force, Uttarakhand Police, and Indian Army Engineers on the spot to complete the rescue operation. The experts from the Tham Luang Cave rescue advised forces through a call to save the trapped 41 workers.


Spending days and nights in claustrophobic conditions was very challenging,” says rescued worker Satya Dev

 Against the Clock

For five long days, the rescuers worked hard to reach the trapped workers day and night. Only on November 17th, they sent in three pipes for oxygen, food, and communication. An endoscopic camera became their lifeline, connecting them to the outside world. This attempt kept the hopes of the trapped workers. Also kept them surviving in a tough environment until they were rescued.

A Glimmer of Hope

On November 21, good news arrived as a huge tunnel rescue update that communication was established with the trapped workers. Families camping nearby felt relief about it. But the struggle continued to rescue the 41 workers. 


On November 25, the drilling machine broke, causing more worries. The nation prayed, and an Australian expert Arnold Dix who was also in the rescue team advised patience as we should be cautious in this situation.

Leadership Matters

Prime Minister Modi stayed informed, making sure everything was being done to rescue the workers. On November 28, brave ‘rat-hole’ miners manually broke through the debris, reaching the trapped workers. The rat hole miners are really brave as rate hole mining is manual work with more effort than machines.

Success Story

By 8:50 PM on November 28, all 41 workers were rescued from the Uttarakhand tunnel. The nation sighed in relief. But the story doesn’t end there. The workers out of the tunnel told the media that they went on morning walks and practiced yoga to keep their minds and bodies healthy inside the tunnel.


Here is the special bravery mention to Gabber Singh,

I am senior-most… I will be the last to come out…‘, these were the words to one of his co-workers. As these words describe his bravery, there is no further explanation needed.


The rescue of these 41 workers shows us how strong people can be when they work together. It’s a story of hope, teamwork, and never giving up. The workers’ simple plan to eat well, take walks, and do yoga reminds us that even after tough times, we can come back stronger. This story is not just about a rescue; it’s about the power of people and the importance of taking care of ourselves, no matter what life throws our way.


Now, the workers are in AIIMS Rishikesh, and they are taking the required treatments to lead a normal life. The Government of Uttarakhand also appointed personnel to check all the other construction tunnel and their status in the state to avoid such unfortunate events in the future.

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