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Those 10 Topics Not Taught at School 

topics not taught at school

School life must have taught us many lessons that include life lessons too. But, all those add to the personal experiences we faced there. Everyone at school would have seen different situations from various perspectives. It is also the same place where we find new people every year and experiences that school life teaches us.  

Apart from the subjects, lessons or classes taught at school which make us score marks in academics. But when it comes to Topics that our everyday life needs., there lies the big question.  

Do we use all those Trigonometry and Scientific Tables we memorized in our school, every day? This question arises when an average student like me starts to experience what real life is. 

I agree, the school teaches us the basic necessary subject to pursue our higher education. And it makes sense as most of the subjects are included in STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). And STEM education is what the world focuses on when it wants to witness development.  

10 topics not taught at school


Let me make it clear, that communication is something that is not taught from the very beginning. It is naturally developed when we start to talk with other humans. But when we see communication as an interpersonal skill, it is not always what we speak it is how we speak. Communication plays a major role in all places from Home to the Workplace.  

Though we communicate in school with our friends and teachers, we find it difficult when one fine day our teacher surprises us and asks us to talk about any instant topic she gives for a minute or two. I have seen it myself that only very few people excel and others could not even a sentence about the topic in front of their mates. 

If schools include Communication, everyone will know the magic of conversations in their futures. It is a skill that improves with practice. When someone is equipped with communication skills, they can resolve conflicts or even avoid them says Acadia University, Canada.  

Basic Hygiene

It might sound silly but it is the foremost life skill that can prevent youth from health hazards. After those COVID, everyone knew how merely washing their hands and sanitizing their surrounding will prevent us from most harmful diseases. Not just washing hands, personal hygiene, and social hygiene.  

Including Basic Hygiene in the school, syllabus encourages children and teens to practice it inside and outside the school. This kind of practice will pave the way toward a clean world.  

Safety Management

The government conducts occasional demos for firefighters on how to save someone from a fire. And use the fire extinguishers during unfortunate times. This has to be put in books or taught weekly once to prepare youth to survive any kind of situation. Like how to stay safe during earthquakes, floods, heatwaves, landslides, etc. As the growing population and environmental issues get worse every year with climate change.  

Sometimes, it is okay to prepare for the worse to avoid major loss. And by knowing the severe impacts of such natural calamities, one can realize and take the required steps to prevent them in the present. 

Critical Thinking

Life is full of surprises” Everyone in the school is taught the same subjects but only a few be the toppers. Have you ever thought why? The toppers grasp the information as it is taught or have the thinking ability to learn and know it better.  

Everyone is capable of something and they have to find the way they think. Life has a lot of scenarios where we ought to make decisions. Decisions need thinking and how to evaluate various perspectives and arrive at a solution. Success is just one step away from failure.  

Critical Thinking prepares a person’s mind to conceptualize, synthesize and evaluate the situation to come up with the best solution for the same. 

Personal Financing

Financial Literacy is significant in this situation where inflation is occurring every year. And teaching them how to manage their own money makes them realize the importance of savings. Budgeting with what they are going to earn in the future and managing their spending will rise them financially stronger in the future. 

They will learn more about how to invest their money and even they can start their own business if they invest and save their earnings properly. Knowing about financial literacy at this early age will open doors for many ways to be financially stronger. It even keeps the country’s economy steady.  

Sustainable Financing

Environmental learning is important for the growing generation. As they are the future people who are to live in this world. With the increased negative impacts on the environment, all these young minds need to explore how their actions impact the world. Including topics like Sustainable learning will teach young minds about how every product they use will impact in one way or the other to this world and living beings in it.  

These will reduce a lot of non-biodegradable wastes being dumped on the soil and all types of pollution. Who knows few of them may find various ways to overcome all these negatives with new solutions or inventions. 

Emergency and First Aid

First aid training enables young minds to provide immediate assistance in emergencies. It bridges the gap between the occurrence of an incident and professional medical help arrives. First aid is an investment in personal safety, community well-being, and the potential to make a positive impact during emergencies. It is a skill that empowers them to respond effectively and compassionately in times of crisis. 

Decision Making

Everywhere in life, we must make decisions. It can be a simple decision between choosing Iced tea or Cold Coffee to choose our career paths. At that moment if we slip a bit the whole scenario changes with our decision. If it is taught at school, we could make the decision that suits our life and personality. It will be one of the worshipped life skills of everyone’s life.  

All the decisions we are about to make in the future will be analyzed well which also stimulates our critical thinking. Though it cannot go always right, at least we know the process our mind plays when we want to make crucial lessons in our lives. 

Basic Rules and Rights

Every country has its fundamental rules that every citizen must know. This will make them realize their value and how to acquire their requirements with the government’s help. As it may sound too much it can be added in the form of group discussion. They will have an idea about what is legal and what not to do when they grow up. How to follow the rules and why to do so. It will eradicate the lack of knowledge and builds a great nation. 

Our school syllabus needs a makeover that will changeover the way the future will be. If the above skills are taught to students, then that will be useful for their lifetime.  

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